Release of Batture Property for Public Use

Why purpose my property for public use?

  1. Through the creation of additional bayou access areas and increased recreational utilization of Bayou Lafourche, residents and visitors can enjoy this natural resource more easily. Paddle sports provide a great exercise alternative that is suitable for peple of all ages. Additionally, increased watersports assist in reducing vegetation which restricts the flow of the bayou.
  2. Reduced Liability: Through LA Revises Statutes 9:2791 and 9:2795 as well as several recent case laws, non-commercial recreational hold limited liability
  3. FOBL can help by:
    • Assisting with BLFWD Permit Process
    • Information on vendors and suppliers of materials and products for improvements
    • Applying for eligible grants

  • Compliant Water Access

Supporting Louisiana Revised Statutes

RS 9:2791 — Liability of owner or occupant of property not used primarily for commercial recreational purposes
RS 9:2795 - Limitation of liability of landowner of property used for recreational purposes; property owned by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; parks owned by public entities

Supporting Laws