$30 million in grants for coastal resiliency projects

This partnership between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the federal government has the potential to fund projects that will help save Louisiana’s coast and fragile ecosystem. For more information on this program, read this article written by the Daily Comet. http://www.dailycomet.com/news/20180715/grants-to-become-available-for-coastal-projects

Bayou Lafourche Asset Submission Form

Friends of Bayou Lafourche is in the process of developing a comprehensive and interactive map of Bayou Lafourche which will include all launches, parks, museums, historical landmarks, restaurants, lodging facilities, and much more along the 106 miles of the bayou. If you or someone you know are a part of an organization that provides access […]

Water Pressure Update

**update 1/5/17 4:18PM – The water control structure is not yet fully opened. We will report back when boat traffic is able to pass through. **update 1/5/18 11:57AM – The Bayou Lafourche water control structure in Lockport is currently in the process of being re-opened. The Lockport water control structure has been closed until further […]