Bayou Lafourche Asset Submission Form

Friends of Bayou Lafourche is in the process of developing a comprehensive and interactive map of Bayou Lafourche which will include all launches, parks, museums, historical landmarks, restaurants, lodging facilities, and much more along the 106 miles of the bayou. If you or someone you know are a part of an organization that provides access […]

Recreational Opportunities

Friends of Bayou Lafourche (FOBL) works with private and public sector beneficiaries and stakeholders to develop and secure funding to build projects that provide recreational opportunities, promote tourism and support local economies.


Friends of Bayou Lafourche supports efforts to create and enhance scenic areas along the bayou for the enjoyment and benefit of all, and to keep Louisiana’s longest freshwater bayou beautiful and free of debris and invasive species.


Outreach to inform and educate communities along Bayou Lafourche about the importance and impact of the bayou is an essential component of FOBL’s mission. Detailing the issues, news, and events that affect the bayou and those who live, work, and enjoy its unique natural and cultural attributes is a primary goal.

Recreation & Tourism

Our Vision is to create a Master Plan for Bayou Lafourche and assist communities to develop projects that increase recreation opportunities and promote tourism.


Our Mission is to raise the awareness of the importance of Bayou Lafourche and its revitalization, through education and informational outreach.