Estuary Exhibit

May 30th  saw the grand re-opening of the Estuary Exhibit at the Bayou Country Children’s Museum (BCCM).  This restored exhibit focuses on the importance of the waterways of South Eastern Louisiana including Bayou Lafourche, the Gulf of Mexico, and our Estuary system.  The exhibit shows the interaction of water and land from the pumps at Donaldsonville to the Gulf of Mexico.  Children can explore pumps, operate the boom crane on an oilrig, and move locks all in a water table.  The mural depicts the landscape and wildlife of the estuary and life in Southern Louisiana.  This exhibit restoration was made possible by a grant from the Bayou Community Foundation and through numerous community partnerships.  These partnerships provided the insight and expertise to ensure the exhibit properly depicts the estuary and its diversity.

“This project has brought a wide community together to make this dream a reality,” commented BCCM Executive Director, Chris Gergeni. “Our partners in this project include:

Bayou Community Foundation

Hans Geist, Artist

Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)

Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP)

Restore or Retreat, Inc.

Friends of Bayou Lafourche (FOBL)

We are extremely grateful to have so many partners working together to educate the children of the Bayou Region on the important topic of how life in the bayou is so tied to our waterways,” said Mr. Gergeni.

The Estuary Exhibit is open during regular Museum hours.