“Float with Friends” Project Funded by Danos

On Wednesday, February 13, the Danos Foundation presented a check to the Friends of Bayou Lafourche (FOBL), one of the 2019 Danos GIVES grant recipients. The mission of FOBL is “to raise awareness of the importance of Bayou Lafourche and its revitalization, through education and informational outreach, and by the recreation and beautification opportunities along the bayou.”

FOBL sees Bayou Lafourche as an untapped resource for recreational opportunities, economic development and more. With the Foundation grant of $2,016, FOBL will use the funding to support “Float with Friends.” This project aims to provide an opportunity for at-risk children and their parent(s)/guardian to paddle in Bayou Lafourche. Participants will be given a water-safety lesson, and they will learn about the historical relevance and critical role that the bayou plays for our region. By demonstrating the usability of the bayou and educating them at a young age, FOBL believes that future generations will have an improved perception of Bayou Lafourche.