FOBL Receives Funding to Create Comprehensive Map

Friends of Bayou Lafourche is proud to announce that we have received funding to begin developing a comprehensive map of assets along the 106 mile stretch of Bayou Lafourche. This project includes the development of a print map, interactive web-based page, smartphone application, large canvas prints displayed at public information centers, and a professionally filmed video. Through this campaign FOBL can effectively highlight interest points and public access locations along the 106 miles of the bayou for recreational users, explain the bayou’s importance as a source of drinking water for over 300,000 people, teach people about its potential to prevent further coastal erosion, and communicate its critical economic role for fisheries and the oil & gas industry. No other waterway in our area plays such a pivotal role as a source of freshwater than Bayou Lafourche does, and through this campaign, FOBL would be able to communicate the bayou’s importance through several different easy to use mediums.

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